How i work

You make sense. This simple yet fundamental concept heavily influences my approach to therapy. I took it to heart at my first training placement. Nearly a decade later in private practice, I still find myself in awe as I work with people who make unique connections between who and why they are.

The process of talk therapy brings understanding and change in life.  It’s not easy. As we explore what brings you in, I ask us to trust one another. You’ll share fears, wishes, and thoughts, difficulties and feelings. By doing all this, we make connections between your relationships, experiences, tendencies. I listen carefully and pursue inquiry using skill, talent and experience to help us understand these connections. Therapy together is an endeavor to ignite change through understanding.

If you are hoping for a list of tasks or to-do/don’t-do’s, you would work better with a different therapist.  If you prefer a buddy or a chatty relationship, look for a different therapist. Therapy will focus on you and sometimes us, not me. We are many therapists in the Bay Area.  I encourage you to look around for someone who seems right for you.


Specialization areas

Generally speaking, I work with adults caught in tough life moments who seek a little more support and understanding. I help you cultivate meaningful, lasting change within yourself as you brave difficulty and move ahead in life. Areas of my specialization include: 1- professionals working in SF tech world; 2- individuals new(ish) to the local culture in San Francisco and often to the United States; 3-people feeling stuck or unfulfilled; 4- those ready to “process” childhood trauma. I also work with couples. If you’re interested in potentially working together yet don’t relate to these areas, I encourage you to still reach out. My experience and interest goes beyond these noted areas and, I agree, we might work well together. Please give a call so we can find out.


San Francisco has its own culture that weaves in the SF startup/Silicon tech world. Once an insider, I’ve gained a nuanced and insightful understanding for those who work as technologists, marketers and entrepreneurs. You’re in a unique, exciting, and challenging world—let’s figure out how you can flourish.


It’s tough being in a new place trying to navigate a new culture. The process of adjusting, adapting, acculturating is real and can be trying. Firsthand experience and in-depth research permits me to really appreciate how varying expectations, demands, values, and beliefs are hard to integrate.

Whether it's your recent move to location San Francisco city, California state, the United States, or Western individualist culture in general, it’s a change. Same goes for a new job or a new school program.

I have helped people in the tenuous balancing act of fitting in to their new culture while also staying true to themselves and where they came from. Together we work to understand what is important to you and how you manage in your current placement.


We can feel held back, stuck or weighed down. Maybe we sense that something’s missing in our life. People I work with often feel unfulfilled, anxious in certain situations or tired of finding themselves in the same place again and again.

If you see yourself in one of these circumstances, just imagine if that discomfort, weight, or burden lightened. Suddenly you have more space for new relationships, opportunities, and focus.

That Silent burden (#metoo).

Sometimes a childhood secret creeps its way into adulthood. When this happens we can work really, really hard to push the trauma away for as long as we can. This way of coping makes sense—it allows us to minimize or even deny the trauma happened, it helps us stay sane instead of becoming overwhelmed by fear, hurt, sadness, anger.

If you’re at a point in your life when you feel ready address the difficult experience(s) and the associated impact, I would be honored to accompany you on your journey. Together we will work to understand how that burden affects you, so that you can move around in your life differently.


I am a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice and a clinical supervisor to training psychologists.  In 2013, I earned a doctorate of clinical psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). Prior to private practice, I worked as a psychotherapist, a supervisor, and a clinic manager within San Francisco at community mental health clinics, an inpatient psychiatric hospital, university wellness center, and private practice settings.