Individual Therapy together

You are the expert of you.

I am a person who can help you make more sense of yourself.

Working together, lasting change ensues.

This may sound strange. Why do you need someone to help you understand yourself better? Humbly answered, because we probably would have already made the change if it was so straightforward. Sometimes, when we get stuck, we need a professional who listens skillfully with an open mind, inquires thoughtfully, utilizes experience, and integrates scholarly knowledge. Ideally this person can help us become healthier and more fulfilled. I can help you.

You have my respect, right from the start. You are courageous.  Perhaps excited and scared too. It’s hard sitting across from a stranger, talking about yourself in ways you might not have told another.  I get that.  You are hopeful. You are motivated. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.  

You’re investing  time, money, hope in yourself and me.

My role is to help you get to that healthier, more empowered connection to yourself. I use my skill, experience, and the psychotherapeutic process. I rely heavily on your engagement. We will follow a collaborative process built upon respect, trust, kindness, honesty, and curiosity. In talk therapy we will explore what brings you here. We will work toward building deeper awareness and understanding of you and your world, however it makes sense (e.g. family values, ethnic, cultural, racial, sexual identities, systemic injustice, political environment, workplace, San Francisco). We focus on you, your needs, your dreams, and we help you get there.

Therapy is an endeavor, a process that allows you to help yourself. The more deeply you understand yourself, the more empowered you are to live a more satisfying mental and healthy life balance. Learn more about how I work. Start your process today.

Couples Therapy

Let’s be honest: 

relationships are Meaningful and they are complicated. 

At times They require work. 

Our world is always changing, which means that we are continuously challenged and growing as individuals. It makes sense for a relationship to adapt, too. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to incorporate change in a productive, compassionate, satisfying way.

That’s where I come in.  I provide a safe space where you as individuals can come together and be however you are together.  This allows us to understand where you are today as well as where and how to move ahead meaningfully. In couples’ work, my client is the couple, not different individuals.  This means my focus is on your relationship and how you each impact this relationship.  Although we may at times concentrate on one person, it is in an effort to understand a specific impact on the relationship so that meaningful change may occur.  

Through skill, theory, and compassion, I work so that together we can understand the needs, desires, wishes of the couple.  Much like work with individuals, my work with couples relies on your honesty, trust, and vulnerability.  By taking these chances, we can more deeply appreciate where you are and why.  My work is to help you move forward in your relationship, however that may look. Let’s get started today.


Getting started

Therapy only happens if you give it a chance. I’d love to meet you: (415) 702 1568 |

Please leave a message so we can set up a free 15 minute phone conversation.

Initial Meetings

During the first few sessions, you’ll get the sense of how therapy works together. We’ll use those first meetings to see if we are a “good fit.”  Sometimes, after our initial sessions, it may be worthwhile meeting more frequently.  While other times we may realize that another therapist might work better with you.  In the latter instance, I will help to refer you to another professional.  

Weekly sessions

Upon deciding to work together, we will decide on a weekly session time set for the same day and same time every week. Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes. Your session will be booked during the week, not the weekend. For some people, it may make sense to meet more than once per week. Unfortunately I do not accommodate less frequent regular sessions (e.g. once every 2 weeks) because of the way I work within the therapeutic process.

Cancellation Policy

For the most beneficial therapy, we will meet weekly (at minimum). If you need to reschedule or cancel a week, please let me know at your earliest convenience. Any changes within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment means you will be charged your full fee. If cancellations become seemingly regular, we will think together how make the session hour work for both of us.

Length of Therapy

The course of your therapy depends on you and what you’re looking to do within therapy.  Shorter-term therapy (a few months) often involves solely focusing on a specific issue.  Longer-term therapy often develops when someone arrives to better understand one aspect of their life and realize there is even more to explore and integrate.  Between short and long-term, I often work with people who seek a supportive, nonjudgmental space during an ongoing adjustment.  The length of therapy, however, is ultimately up to you given you can leave when it feels right. 

New and returning Welcome

I work with people new to therapy. I work with people returning to therapy. I also work with people studying therapy. Humans are complicated with many layers of experience, discovery, and growth — therapy can support you at different parts of your journey.


$185 for an individual session (approximately 50 minutes).

$200 for a couples session (55 minutes).

Form of Payment

I accept cash and check.


I am an out-of-network provider, not an in-network provider. This means you’ll work directly with your insurance company for reimbursement. Upon your request, I am happy to provide a monthly super bill that you could then submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement.  Please understand your insurance coverage closely by contacting your insurer directly for the details of your specific insurance plan. Some plans will reimburse 80% of the fee whereas others may not reimburse anything. Some plans require you to meet an out-of-pocket minimum prior to reimbursement or have a specific number of sessions permitted.

Sliding scale

Some of my weekly therapy hours are reserved for individuals who currently need a reduction in fee. In these openings, I frequently see adult students and hard working people who do earn less than those in the tech/pharm industry. These spots are also for current patients temporarily experiencing financial hardship. To learn more, please contact me.

Online telepsychology services

Video sessions are an option if you, too, are located in California. Depending on why you’re seeking therapy, telepsychology may be a productive way to work together.